Pretty Eight Machine

by Inverse Phase

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This is Pretty Hate Machine, re-imagined in its entirety on eight different 8-bit systems, so I've named it "Pretty Eight Machine". Sound configurations include: SID/6581 (Commodore 64), POKEY (Atari 800), straight 2A03 (NES), AY/SCC+ (MSX+Metal Gear 2 or Snatcher cartridge), SN76489 (Sega Master System), 2A03+VRC6 (Famicom+Castlevania 3 cartridge), LR35902 (Game Boy), and OPLL (MSX-MUSIC or Japanese Sega Master System).

The album represents the culmination of so many things:
- the recent celebration of Pretty Hate Machine's anniversary
- the recent release of the remastered PHM
- my fandom and love for Nine Inch Nails
- my love of old-school computers and game systems
- a hope that Trent Reznor (who likes vintage synths, tech, and gear) and Rob Sheridan (and his pixelated avatar) will enjoy it
- pushing myself to compose for systems I've never written music on

A lot of thought, love, blood, sweat, and tears went into this album. I encourage you to explore the info links next to the track names to understand the history behind each one.


released 14 June 2012
Pretty Eight Machine (c)(p) 2011-2012 Inverse Phase.
Original songs/Pretty Hate Machine (c) 1989 Arlovol Music/Leaving Hope Music. Admin. by Penny Farthing Music (ASCAP).
6502 and its likeness used with permission from WDC and Bill Mensch.

Please attribute Inverse Phase and Nine Inch Nails with a link if you use any of these tracks for anything.

This album was kickstarted by 162 people in mid-2011, and the idea to do an entire NIN album came from a few friends scattered across the country several months prior. The kickstarter would not have succeeded without the kind/generous donations (and promotional assistance) from:

Danny Baranowsky
Jillien Conneen
Rick Damigella
Mike Dhavale
James Godwin
Tanya Hopkins
Charles Margolis
Troy D Patterson
Michael Roberts
Ben VanDenburg

Without help from the following people -- whether they're individuals that have fed my interest in NIN, helped during the album's infancy, or been on my listening team -- this album probably would not have been possible: Cindy Au (KS project leader), Chuck/Charlie/Charles Brinkley (got me started), Phil Bordelon (consulting), Cleon "LJ" Chick (messing with artwork with me), Matt Dunphy (everything ETS & NIN Hotline), Haemish Edgerton (CDs), Eric Fermin (Rebel Waltz support), David Gray (help at WDC), Grant "Stemage" Henry (listening team), Dave Lister (conception/support/sales), Eric "Kethinov" Newport (listening team, NINremixes), Carlson "Mad-Gear" Stevens (conception/support/sales), Dirk Tiede (conception/support). ALL OF MY FRIENDS, FAMILY, AND SUPPORTERS. Also, big thanks to Trent Reznor for the obvious inspiration and Rob Sheridan for permission to parody his artwork.

This album was produced at a turbulent time in my life. Again. there are so many individuals that have supported me. My parents and family, my girlfriend Jill, my friends in general....if I have forgotten your name, please forgive me and accept my thanks.



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